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Monday, 17 October 2011

How to Keep Your Children Safe

If you are a parent, it is very important that you safeguard and watch over your children's internet activity or whenever they access the computer. The children surfs online on their own is very dangerous. Children are curious and love to explore new things. So, if you have children, think about online safety and learn how you can protect them from immoral websites, games and other rough things that will harm your children in the future

How To Protect Your Children Online

Getting more involved and paying more attention to your children and their daily routine is a good way to watch over your children's internet activity. Sit with your children and think of activities that you can both do online. It can be from researching an interesting or an educational topic to playing an online game. You can also gives some drawings to draw, some work to do and keep your children busy in good things instead of leave them freely while they surfing on the Internet.

Place your computer in an open area: 

It is always a good idea to keep your computer in an open area, that may be in sitting room and where there is a lot of traffic. This way, you can keep an eye on your children while they surf the net. If they access a site which they are not allowed to go to, it gives you a chance to intervene and teach them why it is important not to visit that specific site.

Make rules:

Making rules and setting boundaries about what sites to visit and what sites not to visit is also a good way to protect your children. Teach your children and talk to them about what he or she is allowed to do on the computer, how long they are allowed to be on the computer, what software programs they can use and what activities or tasks they are allowed to do. Also, talk to your children and make them aware about the dangers of the Internet and talking to strangers online.

Communicate with your children:

Communication is key if you want to protect your children and keep them safe from strangers on the internet. Talk to your children constantly about their Internet activities and get to know which sites they are visiting as well as who they talk to online if they use email and go to chat rooms.

Notice when they playing a Game:

As we inspired by physical existence of anything happened, Computer Games are also a tools of transform respected enjoyment in the player. But Games are distinct from work and sometimes used as an educational purpose. So, it's necessary to watch out your children when they playing games.


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