This Group aims to promote solidarity amongst the Pakistani's on the issue of Easy Access to Pornography in Pakistan, as the name itself suggests.

Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: They are the ones to attain felicity.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Kavish Fil Sha'oor, Minutes of Meeting


Held from 1:00 p.m to 3:30 p.m in
7-Turner Road, Lahore.

Attended by:
  1. Mr. Fahad Ahmad Siddiqi ( Advocate)
  2. Mr. Ali Raza ( Electrical Engr
  3. Mr. Mian Umair Munir ( Businessman)       
  4. Mr. Rehman Sheraz  (Job)
  5. Mr. Atif Jameel     (Student)
  6.  Mr. Tariq Nawaz   (Businessman)
  7.  Mr. Kashif Waseem    (job)     
  8. Mohammad Ahmad Virk ( Agriculturist)
  9. Lt. Col (r) Mr.  Shahzad Shaffique (Businessman)   
  10. 10.  Mrs. Aneela Shehzad (Philanthropist)       
  11. 11.  Mr.  Hafeez Ahmad Rana (businessman)
  12. 12.  Mr. Ahtisham Amjad    (Student)        
  13. 13.  Mr. Asif Ali  (Student)

 Agenda of the Meeting:
Agenda of this First Get-Together Meeting, which was organized by Say No to Porn, Lets Wage a War against Pornography in Pakistan (SNTPP) was organized / held presented keeping in view the following three main points:
First: - Introduction of all the Volunteers  who are going to work together (inshAllah) for the welfare of Pakistan in general and to bring a halt to easy access to porn material in Pakistan in particular, so as, to bring their views, opinions, and experiences forward to every other member of the meeting.
Second: - To gather every individual and organization who has been working isolated, bringing them on a single united platform, enforcing unity to get constructive results.
Third: - Formation of a united team, we name it “Lahore Regional Team”. (This name can be changed in future keeping in mind the value-able suggestions and ideas)
Fourth: - To decide the necessary guidelines and program upon which “Lahore Regional Team” may hopefully work in future; in short, the objectives and constitution of “Lahore Regional Team.”

Duration of the Meeting:
2 hour
Point discussed:
1. The Above named Participants our meeting with an aim to be the change to bring a change in our society. Mr. Fahad Ahmad Siddiqi in his capacity of the Founder and as an Admin of the Group shared with the participant the basic cause, the objectives and the reasons for the creation of the Group in as much as the activities SNTPP intend to initiate by the Volunteers at Lahore. One of these was inviting more volunteers at SNTPP (who have would help us generate awareness amongst the masses). It was found useful and it is decided to be carried on.
2. Mrs. Aneela Shehzad laid emphasis on the need of generating some alternate activity to be provided to the victims of this evil and further suggested for the creation of some online activity like My Mike, She is of the opinion that more n more time should be allowed to the people to speak. One of her idea which was highly appreciated by the participants was to interact with the public on personal level and try to educate them on the subject. She further undertook the responsibility to motivate the inactive members of the SNTPP to Active participation.
3. Mr. Tariq Nawaz also floated Valuable ideas pertaining to the education of the Parents for better protection of the Children using internet facilities. He further shared his views on the point that the basic responsibilities lie on the parents and they should be addressed in the very first instance. Mr. Nawaz has been kind to suggest the participants that Media should also be involved in the activities of the Group. He undertook the responsibility to engage media on the subject accordingly.  Participants agreed that as SNTPP Volunteers / members appreciated the suggestions of Mr. Tariq Nawaz.
4. Mr. Ali Raza, has been kind enough to suggest that modern facilities available on internet should be utilized like Google doc. Mr. Ali Raza also lead the attentive of the participants to the creation of a website to be launched for the purpose of causing awareness with the masses in an effective manner, in this regard he offered his valuable services. To the surprise of the participants he further narrated that efforts could be made that all the activities of the group can be highlighted in an appropriate manner while creating a link on the subject. Ali Raza further ensured the participants that he will create the said link in the next opportunity available to him. In this regard Mrs. Aneela Shehzad very kindly reiterated to provide the data for the link.
 5. Mr. Umair Munir suggested that those SNTPP members at Lahore who couldn’t reach in the meeting for some reasons should be allowed to take part in the next meeting. It is agreed and advised that all SNTPP members should make earnest efforts for increasing the Volunteers by the next meeting
6. Mr. Atif Jameel suggested the Participants of the SNTPP meeting that he can arrange and look after the Students affairs, and undertakes to cause awareness amongst the students segment of the society, Mr. Ahtisham Amjad also enforced the same undertaking.
7. It is further suggested by the participants that the first Sunday of Every Month to hold meetings under the Banner of SNTPP. Mr. Kashif Waseem Voluntarily agreed to undertake the responsibility of gathering the volunteers in this regard.
8. Mr. Rehman Sheraz suggested to the participants that a hand bill / pamphlet should be drafted for causing better and effective awareness to the masses while approaching them in person, he further suggested the participants that he will collect the data provided by the members and filter it out as per the requirements of the SNTPP. At this stage Mr. Tariq Nawaz, Mrs. Aneela Shehzad, Mr. Shahzad Ahmed strongly concentrated on the modes oprendi to be applied while approaching the Public in days herein after to come.
9. Mr. Mohammad Ahmad Virk, Mr. Atif Jameel and Mr. Ahtisham Amjad strongly applauded the suggestions floated by our Volunteers.
10. Mr. Hafeez Rana voluntarily acknowledged providing the participants with the Islamic Teachings on the Subject.

Conclusions of  Meeting:
1- Schedule for the next meeting was decided to be held on Every 1st Sunday of Every Month.
2. A Pamphlet / Handbill will be created which would contain the Message of SNTPP.
3. Genuine attempts will be made to increase the number of Volunteers.
4. Parents will be given education regarding the hazards of the uncontrolled access available to their children, so as they be aware.
5.  Mrs. Aneela Shehzad, Mr. Rehman Sheraz, Mr. Tariq Nawaz & Mr. Ali Raza will co-ordinate for the creation of the Handbill / Pamphlet accordingly.

Fahad Ahmad Siddiqi
Advocate High Court
Founder / Admin
Say No To Porn, Lets Wage a War
Against Pornography in Pakistan
(Lahore Regional Team, SNTPP)


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