This Group aims to promote solidarity amongst the Pakistani's on the issue of Easy Access to Pornography in Pakistan, as the name itself suggests.

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Monday, 24 October 2011

Pakistan- In Pornographic Perspective

We’re not done yet, my friends. Mapping this onto Pakistan’s internet penetration percentage, we find that :

1. One out of every 20 Pakistanis is officially committed to internet porn(5% of total population)

2. one out of 33 Pakistani’s (3%) has an illicit sexual relationship (possibly more, not less). 1 out of 50 (2%) get divorced due to infidelity/want of illigitimate lust

3. 12% of Pakistans now officially think that adultery should not be a crime in the ‘Islamic republic of Pakistan’.

4. One out of every nine children has viewed porn in Pakistan (11%). Which implies that you have at least one sibling/cousin on each side (paternal +maternal) who is into porn, even if they are under 15.

5. One out of 40 people (2.5%) access google pakistan to search for porn(for entire population). One out of four internet users in Pakistan use it for searching porn.

6. 1 out of 4 women that see you at work (22.5%) have sexual thoughts about you. 1 out of 4 (25%) men who see you at work have sexual thoughts about you too.

BTW, if you want to map these stats to KHI/ISB/LHR, multiply them by 3, as they are urban areas (internet penetration is greater) and literacy is at 30 %. Need I say more?

The bottom line is – 1 out of two people using the internet turns to porn daily. Which implies that as the internet penetration percentage increases, the entire society is gonna turn into a vast majority of porn addicts, who have nothing but sex on their minds, and dont have the time to focus on their families, their work, or their loved ones, let alone greater social issues. All they will be thinking about is what someone would look like without clothes on, or what sexual position would be best for which figure they see.

Porn? Yes but its meant to be private, with a sense of commitment to it. Without that sense of commitment, its just lust. Making it public = making humans animals easier to control and manipulate. The increasing penetration of internet brings with it this disease, which must be handled at the state level.

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Ammar Chaudhry said...

Yes i agree with you. It should be stopped at every level otherwise nothing will left safe. Parents must be guided first, then teacher. At ISP level it should be stopped at least those toper sites which people visit more. Internet cafes must be checked. There should be law and penalty should be imposed for ISPs and porn viewers. These are the basic steps to reduce this evil.

Ammar Chaudhry
Daily Express

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