This Group aims to promote solidarity amongst the Pakistani's on the issue of Easy Access to Pornography in Pakistan, as the name itself suggests.

Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: They are the ones to attain felicity.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

PORNOGRAPHY-- Can we avoid it?

Behind every dirty picture, behind every half-exposed magazine is a home destroyed. It looks so innocent. She is half dressed. And behind every picture there is a home destroyed. Behind every picture there is a child without a family. Behind every picture there is a man in prison, Behind every picture there is a marriage torn apart. Behind every “innocent” picture you see on a magazine rack, there is a victim. Behind every picture there is a demented mind. There is a boy who is never going to be a man, a father. There is a girl who will never be a mother or a lady. Behind every picture there is a suicide. Behind every picture there is a drug addict. Porn is a hot log that is slowly burning its way across Pakistan!!

I want to give you some reasons why you shouldn’t look at pornography. Number one, the society you live in. Physical violence is produced by pornography. You look at our society and want to know what’s wrong? Why is everyone so violent? Why is everyone so cruel? Why all the atrocities, butchering and slaughtering? We pick up the newspaper, and read that a woman in a resort area had her head cut off. And you wonder where is all this coming from? It is coming from pornography.

A man assaults a young girl, abused her life, abused her death, chewed on her body, because he had been looking at porn since he was six years old. If you are not going to blame the drugs, nor the television, you better blame porn for the violence. Nine million people a day click on the Internet for porn. Listen to me. Nine million people a day click on the Internet for porn. Five million of them are men. Fifty percent of them get hooked. Fifty percent of them are married. Cable and the net have poured porn into these homes, into these hearts, into these lives, and I tell you, the next millennium is going to produce a society of millions of these who sit and look at violence, so that they have to go kill someone. You don’t understand it, but you get into it, you have to hurt someone. It unlocks such passion, it unlocks such wickedness in the heart of man that he never knew was there.

Porn is the preparation, motivation and instruction for violent atrocities.
Porn is after every individual. It is after every position in society. It doesn’t play any favorites. It plays with the rich. It plays with the poor. It plays with everyone. It is after every male and every female, young and old. It doesn’t make any difference to porn.

Listen, porn isn’t scared of you. It isn’t scared of your Masjid. It is not scared of your children. And it is not scared of your friends. It is louder and more violent than I am. I couldn’t get as mean as porn.

Porn freaks surf the Internet, they live in the chat rooms. They come through the chat rooms, boasting and lying and deceiving, looking for victims, just to satisfy their lust and please their passions. That is all they do. They live in those chat rooms, like a spider weaving a web, waiting for an innocent insect to fly into it. Then they walk outside, wrap that web around and around, until they can’t move. They stuck the blood out of the victim and leave an innocent shell. That is exactly what they do. They sit there, days and nights, filling their minds and hearts with the most filth that comes out of Hell. Then they go looking for you. You wouldn’t believe how many cars are patrolling your own neighborhood, just looking for innocent victims. And you think you can handle it all, but you can’t.

There is no escaping it. You are going to have to fight it every day for the rest of your life. It isn’t going away. It wants everything you have. And without the grace of Almighty Allah and the Word of Almighty Allah , we haven’t a hope. We better feel the fear of it, because it doesn’t fear us.

Fahad Ahmad Siddiqi
Advocate High Court


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