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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Pakistan Blocks Thousands of Adult Websites

Pakistani internet service providers have started the process of blocking websites with adult and explicit content, told us multiple sources from the industry. According to resources, the initial stage of blocking these websites has been done and more websites will be added to block list as they are spotted.
PTA is also working on a system by which public will be able to identify and report these kind of sites to PTA

Some researches have found that a large amount of traffic to these sites come from Pakistan, Iran and some other Muslim countries which is a shame for them all. But we can tell you that they all are adult websites and few of them are ranked in top 100 Alexa list for Pakistani most visited websites. Local adult websites are also included.

ISPs are given orders to implemented. Most of the ISPs, including PTCL, have already blocked these websites, while others are making the necessary preparations for the blockade.PTA is also planning to devise a way for general users to report adult websites to authority. After through review authority will keep adding such reported websites/URLs to the black list.

I called it a great achievement that come into action by the endevours of group members especially our Legal Advisor & Founder, Mr. Fahad Ahmad Siddiqi


mooni2k1207 said...
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mooni2k1207 said...

plz block this if u can

Let's Wage a War Against Pornography in Pakistan said...

We should complaint to PTA, who'll banned that video, you may go through the following post,

in which you'll get more further info about how to complaint...


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Fahad Ahmad Siddiqi said...

Shuker Alhamdolillah, with our joint and collective efforts we are getting the needful done, Thank you Allah and thank you all those who have participated in this effort physically or morally !!!

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