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Thursday, 20 October 2011

How to Register Complaint with FIA (Cyber Crime Wing)

As we are getting into internet era, cyber crime rates are hiking in similar manner. Many of us don’t know how to legally challenge those criminal activities.
A common internet or mobile phone user, who is victim of a cyber crime, thinks that there is no one to listen his/her pleas. Many of victims end up not registering any complaint.
If you are victim of any sort of cyber crime, don’t sit idle, this is the time to react to get the culprits behind the bars. Registering a complaint with FIA’s cyber crime wing is very simple, and even does not require you to go anywhere.

Simply write down your application (in English or in Urdu), narrate your complete problem, provide as much evidences, details as you can and send it to FIA National Response Center for Cyber Crimes(NR3C).
Address this application to,
To Director Cyber Crimes,
FIA Heaquarters, Islamabad
Write down your problem, with complete details… and in the end mention your name, contact numbers and addresses.

Fax: 051-9266435
Email: (or fill this complaint form) 
In case of email, you will get a response email in 24 hours however it may take 7 days to get a letter by post at your given address in case of fax. You will be given a tracking number of your complaint, with what you may check the status of your complaint latter on.
Please note that FIA accepts applications in only these two formats. Cyber Crime wing will not act unless you write them email or FAX. This is sort of FIR you register with Police.
If you want to know what crimes come under Cyber Crime, read this PDF document (Electronic crimes related laws in Pakistan).

Tip: Don’t shy or fear of anything – FIA NR3C guys are pretty helping and very cool. If you are a victim, simply reach them at earliest.


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