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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Do you want Government to Ban Night Calling & Internet Packages?

Mobile phones or Internet are very useful utilities which I am strongly favoring to be in the hands of every individual. It is the requirement of every body nowadays and every body should have it. But its misuse must be condemned and discouraged. This will reduce by Government, Cellular Companies, ISP’s, Parents, and Teachers etc.

The night is important part of the day, after working all time we should go sleep in night instead of spare and immoral conversation. A Survey prove that some 80 percent of the youth were utilizing this night-time free call service, and that they were therefore unable to attend to their academic responsibilities. The late night packages are totally targeting our young generation, like “Lambi Raat Lambi Baat” etc. This is all nothing but just a waste of time, money, energy and peak potential of our youngsters. It is the age to learn and to do something worthy in the practical life. By such packages, they become mentally loose, lazy and sluggish. Restless nights are naturally not healthy for human body and these kids end up with serious mental and physical disorder, if they keep making nigh calls for long time. They cannot exhibit mental toughness and show a solid character to meet the challenges and combat the hard situations in their practical lives. This strait does not leave them active for the rest of their lives. It is creating a general unrest and disharmony in the society; it is further scratching our already torn social fabric. The recent instance of 3 boys and 3 girls run away from their school (Rawalpindi) and went to Peshawar and then caught by Police is an instance of this ludicrous activity.
Even if we put aside the health reasons these night crawlers callers spend their time doing what?

Almost all of them are calling boy/girl friends. What good purpose does that serve? Also, it’s forbidden in Islam to do activities like that. If you are a Muslim (One who does Islam, which is submitting yourself, your will, your desires to the Creator), you are piling up huge amounts of sins doing just that. People who think they should be given freedom of choice, well humans are not so good in choosing what’s good for them. History proves that why there are laws. 

I think the Government should instruct to Companies which can work in favouring of youth. Any investor in Pakistan is do business only for profit not only for providing facility to the nation. They don’t take care about there high profits may harmful for the general public. These companies offered extremely low priced, on-net hourly calls, which ended up with sleepless nights of the (young) callers. But if you eye other regions, they offer such discounts on all type activities, be it an on-net, off-net, international or any other type of data or voice call.

However, Parents role are most important, they should keep an eye on their rooms especially in night and check their cell phones regularly. School Principals and Teachers are also taking care of their students while wasting time.They should visit hostels habitually and implement, “Say No To Long Night Calls” which leads to startling results in future.

By: Sultan Alam 

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