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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Is it necessary to hire an attractive female to boost up your Business?

Islam is the complete code of Life. We should live our lives according to the traditions of Islam. Because Islam is the only religion which provides guidance in very sphere of life weather it is trade, relationships or business. To keep oneself away and protected from devil one needs a protective covering or sheath against evils which ISLAM provides. Bad things appear to be little in their impact in the start but with time bring huge flaws in society’s morality.

I want to put your attention on depravity that is grabing businesses in the form of marketing, promotion tools, attractiveness glamour and other services. Now a day’s people are using females as a tool to grab public attention about their special products regardless of the thing that it is useful for that gender or not just to add more glamour and masala.
For Example: You are promoting Ferrari cars in showroom irrespective of the gender, but it would be a female model with seducing poses makes it appear more unique and expensive. There’re many examples in which same kind of marketing techniques are used thus causing immorality. Why we’re recruiting females as receptionist, in commercials, for bus service or product promotion with attractive look to appeal customers without focusing of that product. I agree with the fact that some organization prefer talented human resource without gender discrimination but most of them follow immoral ways to boost up their selling business. 

Say No To hire an Attractive Tool to Boost Up Your Business
Let's Wage A War Against Immorality In Business Sector
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