This Group aims to promote solidarity amongst the Pakistani's on the issue of Easy Access to Pornography in Pakistan, as the name itself suggests.

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Net Cafes – It’s Time to Shutter them Down

It’s a paradox that a country like Pakistan, which was built to practice Islam and was often called ‘Laboratory of Islam’ by its founder, has now fallen a prey to some un-Islamic norms of which net cafes is one of the darkest un-Islamic practice. Net-Cafes that were originally built to provide internet facilities to public in those times when internet was a new phenomenon and was not readily available as is now, has now become an immoral platform corrupting our youth badly.  According to the statistics, Pakistan is one of the top searchers of porn sites and videos, a really shameful fact for an Islamic Republic.
Those unemployed people, who are uneducated, see promising prospects of business in providing cabins in internet cafes. As Muslims it a double-fold sin of providing access of pornography and earning through this dirty business. Though the economic conditions of Pakistan do not leave much choice for the people to choose an earning, which is the most frequent excuse for the net café earners, but we ought to think that our religious values come first, and it is not only a religious issue but a moral one too. No religion or nation allows the blasphemy done to its youth as the net café is doing.
 Most of the net café users are young people, while, mature people seldom goes to a net café. To add evil to this immoral business, the net café holders have introduced cabins and couples use these cabins for dating purposes, not realizing that a hidden camera is capturing their activities, which, the net café owners upload on YouTube and other such site for the so-called entertainment and use these to blackmail the couples.
It’s a high time to think seriously to overcome this immoral disease otherwise it will eat us up as a nation. Our youth is wasting money and values in the net cafes in the dark alleys and it is time to show them the light. They should learn to be a proud nation by saying no to this immoral net café business. Youth is the most flexible entity of a nation easily influenced by changes, if the seed of net café can yield in them why not the hope of getting rid of it. So let’s promise to spread this hope among our youth and shutter the internet cafes down.

By: Sara Waqar


Deepanjan Das said...

yess cabin saare bandh ho jaani chahiye kyon ki iss privacy ki sahara lekar teenagers khas kar ke porn dekhte hai.....internet cafe shuld be public without any cabin so that nobody can open pornographic sites due to shame :)

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