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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Blocking Immoral Websites would Fail to Protect Children and only give Parents False Sense of Security

What we disagree with is the mechanisms by which we protect our children. It's not that easy and the solutions that are being discussed are not perfect. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) blocked thousand of Adult contents earlier, but in spite of blockage children are not safe. Because there are other things and contents circumnavigating round the Internet that hurts Children. Regulation of content on mobile phones and video iPods is largely absent.
Texting, tweeting, facebooking, web-surfing, emailing and social networking are the toys of the so-called ING (Internet Next Generation). Like their parents, this generation must contend with playground bullies. Often, a child will not even know the name of their tormentor. The victim's parents may feel helpless because they have no recourse or tools to protect their child online. The problem is the most frequent threat a child faces online. All episodes of bullying are serious. Dismissing them as inconsequential could have grim consequences that include depression, dropping grades, school truancy and health problems.
Parents themselves ultimately must take up the responsibility of instilling the right framework in their child and they have the power and right to ban and control their children from accessing adult content. I think the government haven’t an appropriate system to filter the adult content on Internet and cannot develop the right mindset in one child's mind. It is parents themselves who wield the ultimate control and power over their child. Thus, the responsibility also lies on parents to control and monitor their children.
Educating your kids
But, as always, common sense prevails: Tell your kids that the same rules they use when walking down a street apply when they surf the Net. Some good guidelines are following below:
· Set guidelines for how your child uses the computer and discuss those guidelines with your child.
· Don’t let your child give out personal information, such as address, phone number, or school name, online.
· Don’t let your child arrange for online meetings with a stranger or send his or her photograph.
· Tell your children to come to you immediately if someone sends them messages that they don’t like.
Controlling kids’ access
No matter how safe you make your home computer, your child may have access to other computers that don’t have such filters. While elementary schools may install these features, public libraries usually don’t because the filters would block adults from accessing legitimate information. And, of course, your child’s friends’ computers may not have the same safeguards as the one in your home does. So be sure to include other computers your children may use when setting the rules for them. And it would be a good idea to talk to the parents of the children your child visits often and ask if they use filters on their computer. These parents may not use any filters just because they don’t know they exist.
Porn sites are all over the Internet and, unfortunately, kids are certainly smarter than adults are about computers. The good news is that online services provide tools for parental control that protects curious young minds from getting inappropriate materials. With varying degrees, they let you surf for what you want without worrying too much about whether your kids can also find the material. You can, in fact, allow your children to use the computer and still protect them from evil and other inappropriate online content. Dozens of software filters are now available, and can lead you to the one that has the features you want. It’s totally free, safe and tested by me. (If you need any assistance regarding installation of “K9 Web Protection” then don’t hesitate to ask me)


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